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May, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 1
(Out of Stock)
• New Directors Keep MITA on Course
• “Eeyore” in the Exumas
• Caribou Kayaks: Barry Buchanan
• Exploring Vinalhaven
• Explorers at Sea, Treading Lightly
• For the Beginner: Plastic vs. Fiberglass, Instruction, Water & Strength
• Adequate Training is Vital!
• List of Paddling Clubs

June, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 2 (Out of Stock)
• Dick Wheeler’s “Awksome” Trip
• Wilderness Systems: Andy Zimmerman
• Best Paddling at Woods Hole
• A Home on the Connecticut River
• Chesapeake Sea Kayak Trail
• Hudson River Waterway is Born
• For the Beginner: Legs That Fall Asleep
• Repair Kits
• Symposiums, Paddlefests, Tuneups
• Coastal Kayaking – What You Should Know!

July, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 3 (Out of Stock)
• Profile: Ken Fink
• Perfect Campsite on Moosehead Lake
• Precarious Pile of Boats
• Millpond Paddler
• Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium
• Whitewater Technique, Blisters, Drysuit Storage
• In Search of Islandia (Florida Keys)

August, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 4
• LLBean Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium
• The Baidarka Man (George Dyson)
• Profile: Audrey Sutherland
• The Lozanos Lead On
• A Guide to Cape Cod Paddling
• Chesapeake Paddlers Launchsites
• Pacific Water Sports, Beginner’s Book, Jonesport, Sprayskirts

September, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 5
• Blackburn Challenge
• Downeast with Maine Island Kayak Co.
• LL Bean Coastal Kayak Workshop
• Kayak Sailing Down East
• Acadia Sea Kayak Club Outing
• Sea Lion on the Potomac
• Safety at Sea
• Safety is a Hard Sell (Sea Sponsons)
• List of Paddling Clubs

October, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 6
• MITA’s Noisy Mustang Course
• Mission (Circumnavigation of Mt. Desert)
• The Urge to Build (Nine kayak builders)
• Profile: Janet Zeller
• LL Bean Coastal Kayak Workshop
• Real Paddlers Don’t Wear Wool
• Metropolitan NY Guide to Launch Sites
• Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, FL

November, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 7 (Out of Stock)
• Sea Kayaking with Zack
• Newfoundland: The Last Frontier
• Master Coach (Bart Hauthaway)
• Hardshell Sailing
• Alan Anderson: Betsie Bay Kayak
• Towing, Paddle Jackets, Backpacking, Cold Feet
• Snowbirds Fly South
• Group Trips and Minimum Standards

December, 1992 Vol. 1, No. 8
• Dislocated Shoulder, Whistles, Kayak Racks
• Smell
• Paddling from Florida to Nova Scotia
• Circumnavigation of Martha’s Vineyard
• Paddling Canaveral Seashore (FL)
• Off Mt. Desert in Winter
• Exploring North Carolina’s Barrier Islands
• All-Women’s Oklawaha Outing (FL)
• Crossing Long Island Sound
• “Eeyore” on the Delmarva Peninsula

1993 (Click to return to the top)

March, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 1 (Out of Stock)
• Learning to Roll: Barry Buchanan
• Alice Builds the Crouton (Kayaking in l934)
• Greenland Paddle Technique
• Review: Coastal Routes, Nova Scotia
• List of Paddling Clubs

April, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 2 (Out of Stock)
• H20 Outfitters Take Their Fun Seriously
• The Beaufort Circuit (NC)
• 1992 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium
• Experienced Paddler Lost
• Large Ships at Anchor
• Going Solo
• Chesapeake Light Craft
• Kayaking as a Cure for Parental Burnout
• Bayfield Inland Sea Kayak Symposium
• Safety: Don’t Rely on the Social Director
• From Block Island to Galilee in WHOOSH

May, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 3 (Out of Stock)
• Ireland’s Angry Shores
• A Gulf Coast Loop (Everglades, FL)
• LL Bean Inc. Recommended Equipment List
• The Five Islands (Nova Scotia)
• VHF Radios, Take-Apart Paddles, Boat Glue

June, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 4 (Out of Stock)
• The Paddle to Canada (Hudson River)
• Charleston, SC Sea Kayak Symposium
• Kayak Cookery: Cookin’ Fish
• For the Beginner: Summer Paddling
• Boston Harbor’s Historic Islands
• Bottom Time II
July, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 5
(Out of Stock)
• Chesapeake Bay Sea Kayak Symposium
• The Deserted Beaches of PEI
• Profile: Brian Price
• Building Dyson’s Baidarka
• Safety: An Obvious Solution
• How to Choose a Valley Canoe Sea Kayak
• Island Hopping in Thousand Islands, NY
• The Lure of Labrador

August, Vol, 2, No, 6 (Out of Stock)
(Maine issue)
• Adventures of the Matinicus Run
• Kayaking the Sentinels of Muscle Ridge
• Memories of Summer (Mt. Desert lsland)
• Mango Suicide in lonesport
• Paddling in Acadia Park (not New York)
• A Memorable Paddle on a Moonless Night
• Dear Indiana (Maine Sport Outfitters)

September, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 7 (Out of Stock)
• The Land of the Laughing King (Cedar Island, VA)
• LLBean Sea Kayak Symposium
• Scouting the Beach
• The Islander is Now a Native of Maine
• Safety: What Makes a Good Life Jacket?
• Strong Winds in Blackburn Challenge
• Kayak Cookery: The Picnic
• Roadside Klepper

October, 1993 Vol. 2, No. 8
• Whales on Stellwagen Bank
• The Paddle Back from Ragged Island (Maine)
• Who is Guiding the Guides?
• Safety: The Fully Functional Rescue
• Evil Doings On and About Prudence (RI)
• Exposed: Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket
• An Evening Paddle in My Klepper
• Choice of Cold Weather Paddling Gear
• Watch the Paddle (Bart Hauthaway)
• It Flies. It Does. (Kawak)

1994 (Click to return to the top)

March, 1994 Vol. 3, No 1 (Out of Stock)
• Solitude on Maryland’s • Eastern Shore
• Make Your Own Greenland Storm Paddle
• Mosquito Lagoon, FL
• How to Fish from Your Kayak
• Review: Sea Kayaking in Baja
• Where is Belize?
• List of Paddling Clubs

April, 1994 Vol. 3, No 2 (Out of Stock)
• The Tusket Islands, Nova Scotia
• Seals and Sea Kayakers
• How to Minimize Our Impact on Seals
• Safety: Lost at Sea
• Taking it Easy in the Keys, FL
• Video Review: Learning to Kayak in Greenland, Wales, and New England
• Naushon Island Tour, MA
• Dealer Directory

May, 1994 Vol. 3, No 3
• Wye Island, MD
• View from the Surface of the Sea
• Surveying the Ancient Coastline
• How to Fish from Your Kayak (flatfish)
• Circumnavigation of British Virgin Islands
• By Land or By Sea in Maine (Jonesport, Kezar Lake)

June, 1994 Vol. 3, No 4 (Out of Stock)
• Call of the Wild (Maritime Canada)
• Isle au Haut Adventure, ME
• Canada Outfitter List
• Surfing in the Ocean’s Rock Gardens
• Alligator River Refuge, NC
• Down the Maine Island Trail in 1880
• Breaking the Bond (across Chesapeake Bay)
• Sengekontacket Pond Race, MA
• North American Water Trails
• Eating Cold

July, 1994 Vol. 3, No 5 (Out of Stock)
• Young Frenchman Crosses the Atlantic
• Paddle to Canada: Lake Champlain
• Southern Labrador, Cartwright to Black Tickle
• Review: The Kayak Shop
• Review: Complete Folding Kayaker

August, 1994 Vol. 3, No 6
• 2nd Annual Chesapeake Bay Symposium
•Maine Sport’s Johnson
• Crystal Palace Extravaganza
• Essex River Race, MA
• Freshwater Neophytes (Harpswell Neck, ME)
• Got the Blues (and Stripers) Again
• Reading Chaotic Water

September, 1994 Vol. 3, No 7
• Winning Back the Hudson, NY
• Windspeed Designs
• Uncivilized Emergencies
• Circumnavigating Scandinavia
• Paddling Anyuk
• Staying Fueled for High Energy
• The Dry Breakers, MA

October, 1994 Vol. 3, No 8
• Greenlanders at Fort Deven with John Heath
• L.L. Bean Symposium

November, 1994 Vol. 3, No 9
• Two Die in Kayak Accidents
• Observations of a Tragedy
• Warm Hands, Delicate Grip
• Where the Andes Plunge (Chile)
• North Carolina’s Outer Banks
• Florida - Hot Spot (Or Is It?)
• Paddling the Ocala National Forest, FL
• MITA Moves Into Future
• Angling for Blackfish
• Review: Sea Kayaking Along the MidAtlantic Coast
• Review: The Lightweight Gourmet

December, 1994 Vol. 3, No 10
• A Superior Kayak in Seattle
• Expedition to Outer Baldonia (Nova Scotia)
• Rednecks, Ringnecks (Lake Okeechobee, FL)
• Bay Fair '94 (Rhode Island)
• Winging up the New England Coast
• Finlandia Vodka Clean Water Challenge
• West Michigan Kayaking Symposium
• A Journey Down the East Shore Trail (MD)
• Navigating a Kayak in Loose Pack Ice (NY)

1995 (Click to return to the top)

March, 1995 Vol. 4, No 1
• Lessons from the Deep on Muscongus Bay, ME
• Spring Comes to Plum Island, MA
• Celtic Sojurn
• Surf Zone (surfing technique)
• Book Review: Belize by Kayak
• List of Paddling Clubs

April, 1995 Vol. 4, No 2
• Confessions of a Cold Water Paddler (Baja)
• Drysuits Save Lives
• A Trip Down Saguenay Fjord (Quebec)
• Lake Superior Hosts Symposium
• Why Wood? (wood kayaks)
• Morverand Recounts 72 Days at Sea
• Paddles: Blade Design and Function

May, 1995 Vol. 4, No 3 (Out of Stock)
• Paddles: Material and Weight
• Has Anyone Seen Matinicus? (ME)
• Focus From The Kayak
• Conquering the Mysterious Roll
• Outfitting Your Kayak
• Paddling with Marilyn (Ocala Natl. Forest, Fla.)
• High Drama on Salem Sound, MA
• Paddling in the Swells at Night
• Book Review: A Boat in Our Baggage
• In Search of the Perfect Kayak
• Dealer Directory

June, 1995 Vol. 4, No 4
• Book Review: The Aleutian Kayak
• Cliffs, Currents...(Cape Chignecto, Nova Scotia)
• Safety: Developing Skills
• Paddles: Sizing and Decision Making
• Paddling with Emily
• Bureaucratic Sea (Quabbin Reservoir, Mass.)
• Winging up the New England Coast
• Someone to Watch Over Them (MITA)

July, 1995 Vol. 4, No 5
• Safety: Let’s Be Responsible
• Anatomy of a Rescue (Orr’s Island, Maine)
• Video Review: Gail Ferris productions
• 3rd Annual Chesapeake Paddlefest
• Down the Hudson River
• Feathercraft K-Light is a Traveller
• The Kayaks You Build
• New England’s West Coast (Lake Champlain, Vt.)

August, 1995 Vol. 4, No 6
• Life in the Surf Zone (New England flora, fauna)
• Lending a Tow
• Gulf of Bothnia (Sweden)
• Paddle Float Self Rescue
• To Roll or Not to Roll
• New Products
• Your Adventures (Maine)

September, 1995 Vol. 4, No 7
• 1995 Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium (ME)
• Sirens of Rockaway Point (Long Island, NY)
• The Barendegat Trip (NJ)
• Paddling Safety
• Three Miles of Hell Along Riviera Beach (MD)

October, 1995 Vol. 4, No 8
• Geology of the Maine Coast
• Profile of a Young Paddler
• Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium
• Water as Equalizer (paddling for the disabled)
• The Blackburn Challenge
• Morning at Finlandia Challenge
• How to Make a Greenland Paddle
• Drysuit Storage Tips
• Safety: Trip Leaders
• Kayak Fundamentals: Blade and Hand position

November, 1995 Vol. 4, No 9
• Attention, Snowbirds
• Sea Kayaking in the 10,000 Islands (FL)
• Three Trips in Charleston (SC)
• Paddling in Florida
• Snowbirds Fly South outfitters listing
• Three Saints on the Potomac River (MD)
• Summer Days off Deer Isle (ME)
• MITA’s 8th Annual Meeting
• Safety: Navigation - Rules of the Road

December, 1995 Vol. 4, No 10
• The Waterspout (NJ)
• Surge
• Paddle to the Rock (Maine)
• Using the Water
• A Very Dangerous Hunting Trip
• Alternative Cold Weather Gear
• A Two-Boat Custom Kayak Trailer
• Book Review: Complete Book of Sea Kayaking
• Video Review: Surf Kayaking Fundamentals
• Book Review: The Complete Inflatable Kayaker
• Book Review: The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual
• Video Review: Performance Sea Kayaking

1996 (Click to return to the top)

March, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 1
• People: Larry McIntosh
• A Paddle of a Lifetime (Barbados)
• Third Annual Captiva Sea Kayak Classic
• Some Golden Rules of Surfing
• Book Review: Kayak Launch Sites: A Guide to Access Along the East Coast
• Exploring the Whales of the St. Lawrence
• Superior Kayak’s Raven Wing
• Kayak Shorty (product review)
• A Life of Water and Salt Air (South Carolina)
• Conn. Man Dies on Long Island Sound
• Breakfast at Tivoli (eagles/Hudson River)

April, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 2
• Seals Find Hub’s Cleaner Water to Their Liking
• Kayaking the Ponds and Harbors of Martha’s Vineyard
• Safety: The Worth of Weather Wisdom
• Why Paddle? (essay)
• New Products: Patuxent 19.5, Mill Creek 13
• Safety: Deceptive but ‘Orrible Offshore Winds
• Book review: Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation
• Sotterly Plantation by the Patuxent River
• Safety: Flare Test Demonstration
• Bagology: How to Pack Your Kayaks
• Clubs List

May, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 3
• Three Paddles in Rhode Island
• Safety: Technology for the Weather-Wise
• Winnipesaukee Cruising
• Open-Deck Kayaks are Awash in Popularity
• Book review: The Essential Wilderness Navigator
• Paddling Around Nahant
• Whale Watching
• Safety: The All-Forgotten, All-In Rescue
• 1996 Dealer Directory

June, 1996 Vol. 5, No.4
• People: Leigh Moorhouse, Bart Hauthaway, Kevin & Michele Rose
• Safety: New Jersey Man Dies in Ship Bottom
• Historic Spa Creek in Annapolis, Md.
• Manatee Death Rate Alarms Floridians
• East Coast Aleut
• Book Review: A Sea Kayaker’s Trip Planner & Log Book
• The 10th Annual Gales of November Rendezvous
• Doctor D and BushSport Cross the Ocean

July, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 5
• New England Skin Boat Tribal Gathering
• The Essex River Race
• I Can Roll!
• Book Review: Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia
• Paddlin’ with Madeline (kids & kayaks)
• Message in a Bottle
• Nanjemoy Creek

August, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 6
• New Products: Aquila, Betsie Bay Kayaks in fiberglass, SailRig
• The Puffins of Maine
• Point Lookout, Md.
• The Quiet Coastline (Cobscook Bay, Maine)
• Machias Entrepreneurs Take to the Waves
• Lightning’s Ultralight Flies Through the Water
• Book Review: The Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak

September, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 7
• Timing the Tides Around Naushon Island
• Where is MITA Headed?
• Book Review: Quiet Water Canoe Guide, New York
• The Blackburn Challenge
• Guides Train in Wind, Waves
• Cultured Kayaking (Sculpture Festivals in R.I.)
• Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium
• Boats on the Beach (at the ACSKS)
• Building a Wooden Kayak
• The Wooden Boat Show

October, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 8
• Cascadia Marine Trail Guide (Puget Sound)
• Paddling with a Purpose (Leigh Moorhouse)
• Safety: Two Perish off Southeast Coast of Nova Scotia
• Kayak Surfing the World Wide Web
• Passing Fishermen Rescue Man Under Capsized Kayak
• Off-Season Boating, Cold Shock and Hypothermia
• Sea Kayaking in the Woods (Allagash Waterway, ME)
• Round the Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland)
• History: My Kayaking Roots
• Paddling Backward (forward-facing rowing system)

November, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 9
• First Strokes into the British Coaching Scheme
• Heath Created Oops! for Low Stress Roll Development
• A Marina Feast in Beaufort
• Storing Your Kayak
• The Kayaks You Build: Lori Barg
• Wye Island, Eastern Shore, Md.
• Solo Paddle on Moosehead (poem)
• North by Northwest to West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium
• On Shore Aerobic Walking

December, 1996 Vol. 5, No. 10 (Out of Stock)
• Winter Whitewater Kayaking in a Sea Kayak (humor)
• Sea to Summit Triathlon
• Maine Lighthouses Now Available for Adoption
• Cold Weather Paddling: What Should I Wear?
• New Products: Kokatat Women's Drysuit
• New Products: The Nav-Board
• An On-Line History of Sea Kayaking
• Circumnavigation of Tilghman Island
• Your Adventures (Vinalhaven, Maine)

1997 (Click to return to the top)

March, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 1
• Spring Birds of the Maine Coast
• Crossing the Bay (lower Chesapeake)
• Video Review: Doug Van Doren's Greenland Style Kayaking
• Kayaking Cowboys on the Hudson (swim support)
• Cumberland Island, GA
• New Products: Superior Kayak
• Extra Muscle When You Need it Most (motoring)
• Book Review: Deep Water Passage
• Technique: Rethinking Paddle Control Hand
• Safety: Off Season Boating, Cold, Shock, and Hypothermia

April, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 2
• Pan American East Greenland Expedition: Part 1
• An Analysis of Seven Aboriginal Kayaks
• Technique: Paddle Float Self Rescue
• Sea Kayaking the Emerald Isle Area (Bear Island, NC)
• The Bow Trip on the Moose River (Maine)
• Safety: Cold Fronts Require Cool Calculation

May, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 3
• Pan American East Greenland Expedition: Part 2
• Inner Journey: Part 1 (epic journey from Sao Paulo, Brazil)
• Kayaker in Salem Sound Still Missing
• Circumnavigation of Eastern Neck, MD
• Safety: Dead Reckoning

June, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 4
• Kayaking Nunavik (Hudson Bay)
• Fish Tales: Return to the Kennebec
• Inner Journey: Part 2 (journey from Sao Paulo, Brazil)
• Safety: Summer Brings Sea Breezes
• The First Annual Florida Gulf Coast Symposium
• Technique: Leaning or Edging the Kayak
• K-Sea Kayaks by Kismet Yachts

July, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 5
• Suncoast Kayak Festival
• Eyes and Ears of Casco Bay (Joe Payne)
• Guide to Tour Operators
• Boston Coast Guard to the Rescue (demonstration)
• Safety: Who's on First? What's on Deck!
• Book Review: Sea Kayaking the Carolinas
• Paddling Clubs Active on the Atlantic Coast

August, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 6
• Bay of Fundy With Guides (Maritime Canada)
• Lilly Goes to Moosehead Lake (ME)
• Miniature Kayaks
• New Products: Cal Tek Engineering, Banks Fry-Bake Pans, Yak Rak Booties
• Recipes for the Ravenous Paddler
• See B.C., Save the Whales
• Safety: Tools for Navigating a Sea Kayak at Sea
• Book Review: Paddle to the Arctic

September, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 7
• '97 Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Symposium
• Long Live Wood
• Born to Raise Sail (6th Balogh Sail gathering)
• Fiberglass Kayak Repair and Other Horror Stories
• Book Review: Hot Showers! Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers and Sailors
• My Three Days in the Everglades
• A Quinnehtqut River Trip (Connecticut River)
• Book Review: The Whole Paddler's Catalogue
• A Season For Paddling (a year's journal)

October, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 8
• The Lakes of October (Lake Sunapee, NH)
• Three Remote Trips in the Northern Forest (NH and ME)
• Loons
• Blackburn Challenge 1997
• Safety: Paddle Signals for Sea Kayakers
• Paddling Forillon (Bay of Gaspe, Quebec)
• Roll-Around Kayak Rack
• Four Tours in Newburyport
• Paddling With Emily - Part 2
• Insomnia (humor - south coast of England)

November, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 9
• Paradise Found - Eight Places to Paddle in Florida
• Kayaking the South Coast of Crete
• Snowbirds Fly South: Tour Operators
• Logan Builds the Seavivor
• Chesapeake Water Trail Development
• A Thousand Miles to the Great Lakes Symposium
• Brown Pelicans: Endangered and Endearing
• Poems
• Book Review: An Environmental Atlas of the Gulf of Maine

December, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 10
• Miles for A Miracle (Maine to South Carolina)
• Technique: The Scoop Rescue
• New England Skin Boat Gathering
• Three Easy Keys (trips in Florida Keys)
• Building the Outer Island Strip Kayak
• Replacing Drysuit Seals
• Cold Water Paddling
• Book Review: Deep Trouble

1998 (Click to return to the top)

March, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 1
• Toonoonik Dreaming (Pond Inlet, Baffin Island)
• A Race at the Clam Gathering Place (Bar Harbor, ME)
• Video Review: Amphibious Man
• How Kayaks Affect Harbor Seals
• Captiva Sea Kayak Classic Symposium (FL.)
• In the Land of Rainbows (New Brunswick, Can.)
• How Do You Do "It" on an Island?
• Last Boat on Winnipesaukee (NH)
• Events: The Western Isles Challenge

April, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 2
• A Labrador Adventure (Can.)
• Do Owner Built Kayaks Build Self Confidence? (Chewonki Foundation, ME)
• McNutts Island (Nova Scotia)
• Schooners and Starfish (Buck's Harbor, ME)
• In Search of the Perfect Boat
• New Products: Meridian by Dagger
• Kayaking the Back Country (lower Florida Keys)
• The Dog Story

May, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 3
• Folding Boats are His Specialty (Randy Henriksen)
• West Coast Journal (Vancouver Island, B.C.)
• How To: Paddlefoat Rescue
• How To: Why Learn to Roll?
• Places: Georgica Pond, Long Island, NY
• Guide to Sea Kayaking Clubs along the Atlantic Coast
• Safety: Buzzards Bay Kayaks

June, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 4
• Competition: Arctic Sea Kayak Race (Norway)
• Places: Merrymeeting Bay Adventures (ME)
• Places: Wassaw Island, GA
• Equipment: How to Buy a New Boat
• Book Review: Sea Kayaking Florida & the Georgia Sea Islands
• Book Review: The Sea Kayaker's Guide to Mt. Desert Island (Maine)

July, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 5
• A New Partnership for Strip-Builders
• Wind and Tide at Knubble Bay (ME)
• How To: Straight Talk
• Hot Showers! Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers
• Eight is Enough: A midwinter rescue off the CT Coast
• Book Review: Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys
• Book Review: A Cat in a Kayak
• New Products: West River kit from Chesapeake Light Craft
• Reflections: The Underside of Surface
• Access: Hudson River Water Trail approved campsites
• Poems

August, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 6
• The Kayaks You Build: Building the Pygmy Coho
• Hot Showers! A Sampling of Maine Waterfront B&Bs
• How To: Surfing for Beginners
• Safety:: A Low-Risk Assisted Rescue (towing)
• Access: A Trip from Lane's Cove
• History:: John MacGregor, Father of Canoeing
• Book Review:: Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide

September, 1998 Vol. 7, No. 7
• A Yearn to Learn (L.L. Bean Sea Kayak Symposium)
• The Things I Carried (camping from a F'Craft K-Lite)
• Hot Showers! A Sampling of Maine Waterfront Campgrounds
• Safety: Deep Trouble on the Hudson
• Access: Water Trails Forge New Route in Chesapeake Bay's Preservation
• Book Review: Nigel Foster Sea Kayaking
• Video Review: Homegrown Boats - Building a Strip Built Kayak

October 1998 Vol. 7, No. 8
• A Thousand Miles in a Kayak
• Paddle or Die: Reflections on the Ghost of Howard Blackburn
• Places: Kayaking in the Adirondacks
• Photo Essay:: Then I Walked Out onto the Bottom of the Sea
• Trailkeeper Takes the Helm: Interview with Karen Stimpson
• Boston Harbor Sea Kayak Symposium
• New Products: L'il Beauty
• Update on Gray Whales

November 1998 Vol. 7, No. 9
• Kayaking with Kevin (Cancun, Mexico)
• Touring the Ten Thousand Islands Region of Everglades National Park
• Equipment: Kayaking Kauai in a Kodiak Single
• New Products: Cricket Paddles
• Highlights of the West Coast Symposium
• Surf Mission (Puerto Rico)
• What Will the New Maine Island Look Like?
• Shell Middens Give Ancient Clues

December 1998 Vol. 7, No. 10
• Cold Water RX:
• Warning Will Robinson! You are in Danger!
• Dressed to Kill
• Shocking News About Cold Water Paddling
• The Farmer John Fallacy
• Old Man Winter Hates Sea Kayakers
• Kayak Fit Aids Boat Handling
• Winter Escape: Bonaire by Kayak
• Solo Adventurer Circumnavigates Lake Superior
• The Wooden Boat Rendezvous
• Sleuthing Around the Icebergs
• Paddle Weight

1999 (Click to return to the top)

March 1999 Vol. 8, No. 1
• Sea Kayaking Down East, Part I
• Paddling with the Pros
• Safety: The Cold Water Trap
• Environment: You’ve Got What in That Box?
• Book Review: Cold Oceans

April 1999 Vol. 8, No. 2
• A Month on the St. Lawrence River
• Sea Kayaking Down East, Part II
• Journey of Xaaydlaa Gwaaydaay
• Competition: Interview with Joe Glickman
• Video Review: Kayaking Ocean Rock Gardens

May 1999 Vol. 8, No. 3
• Poor Man’s Galapagos
• Labrador Lost, Newfoundland Found
• Paddling in Scandinavia
• Day Trip from Tenants Harbor

June 1999 Vol. 8, No. 4
• Deer Isle Days, Family Vacation in Stonington, Maine
• Transform Through Outdoor Adventures
• Honeymoon in Paradise (Prince William Sound, AK)
• The Break from Corporate to Rural Life (Cricket Paddles)
• Equipment: Selecting a Paddle

July 1999 Vol. 8, No. 5
• Boston’s Harbored Islands
• Kayaking on Webb Lake, ME
• The First Time Again
• Essex River Race, 1999
• Safety: Accident While Rolling
• Book Review: Extreme Sea Kayaking
• Book Review: Sea Kayaking Navigation

August 1999 Vol. 8, No. 6 (Out of Stock)
• North Central Newfoundland
• Kayaker’s Journey Around Nova Scotia
• A Kayak for Willie (the dog)
• Safety: Squall in Chesapeake Bay
• History: Native Kayak Websites

September 1999 Vol. 8, No. 7
• Getting the Shaft (Paddling Tips)
• Three Boys and a Kayak (Kayaking with Small Children)
• 55 Miles (Nantucket Crossing)
• Events: L.L. Bean Sea Kayak Symposium
• Safety: Like a Lens (Misadventure in Casco Bay, ME)
• Events: The Wooden Boat Show

October 1999 Vol. 8, No. 8
• Lakes of October: Squam Lake, NH
• Paradise Found: Muscle Ridge Islands, ME
• Early Birds (Rye Harbor to Isles of Shoals, NH)
• Events: Sea America Expedition
• Kayaks You Build: Building Boats
• Kayaks You Build: A 1930’s Canvas Sailing Kayak
• Book Review: Haida Gwaii

November 1999 Vol. 8, No. 9
• Submarines and Armadillos (Cumberland Island, GA)
• Paddling Patagonia
• A First Paddle in Paradise (Pohnpei, Micronesia)
• Sea Kayaking in Fiordland and Te Hoiere (New Zealand)
• Kayaking People: Expedition to Bolivia, S. America
• Book Review: Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Florida
• Book Review: Dances with Waves

December 1999 Vol. 8, No. 10
• Maligiaq Paddles the Big Apple
• The Traversee Sea Kayak World Championship Races
• The Greenland Kayak Club
• Sea Turtle Primer
• 11th Annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat
• 3rd Annual Newfound Rendezvous
• Dan West Builds Quitsa Kayak
• Video Review: The Art of Paddling, Vol. II
• Safety: Hypothermia from an Amateur’s View
• Safety: Sobering News Presented on Recreational Boating

2000 (Click to return to the top)

March 2000 Vol. 9, No. 1
• Kayaking the Northern Lakes (Umbagog, Aziscohos, NH)
• Campobello Island
• Plum Island Circumnavigation
• Book Review: KayakCraft
• Nature: Naragansett Bay’s Wintering Seals
• People: Shoreline Resident Commutes by Kayak (Gail Ferris)
• Video Review: Epoxy and Fiberglassing
• Safety: Cold Water Lessons

April 2000 Vol. 9, No. 2
• Paddling the Connecticut River
• 947 Islands to Go! (Thousand Islands Region)
• Buzzards Bay
• How To: A Homemade Mast and Flag
• The Greenland System
• Video Review: Rolling with Maligiaq
• Safety: The Scoop Rescue

May 2000 Vol. 9, No. 3
• Gulf Coast Sea Kayak Symposium (FL)
• Our Penikese Island Adventure (MA)
• Bylot Island (Baffin Bay, NWT, Canada)
• Events: Thailand & Tahiti - Chasing Summer
• Kayak Design: Innovation or Hyperbole?
• Book Review: The Shape of the Canoe
• Events: Blackburn Challenge

June 2000 Vol. 9, No. 4 (Out of Stock)
• Billingsgate Island (Cape Cod, MA)
• San Juan Islands (WA)
• The Great Sea Turtle Stranding of 1999
• Access: Lake Lila Primitive Area, NY; Conn. River
• Product Review: Ugly Stick
• Book Review: Performance Sea Kayaking
• Video Review: In the Surf!
• Events: N.E. Paddlesports Show 2000
• Float Plan Form

July 2000 Vol. 9, No. 5 (Out of Stock)
• Paddling Antarctica: Man in Extreme Conditions
• The Northern Forest Canoe Trail
• Getting In Focus: Sea Kayak Photography

August 2000 Vol. 9, No. 6 (Out of Stock)
• Hot Showers! New Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers
• Kayaking Way Down East (Maine)
• Events: Run of the Charles, 2000
• Environment: New Capacities Set for Maine’s Public Islands
• Safety: Unprepared and Inexperienced
• Safety: Kayaking in the Fog
• Places: Great Sippewisset Marsh, Cape Cod, MA
• Reflections: Lunch with Heron
• Book Review: Hot Showers!

September 2000 Vol. 9, No. 7 (Out of Stock)
• Multi-Tasking the 19th Annual LL Bean Sea Kayak Symposium
• Hot Showers! New Maine Coast Campsites for Kayakers
• The Newfoundland Sea Kayak Symposium
• The Lakes of Switzerland
• History: The Shape of Things
• Kayaking with Kids: Paddling for Joy and Profits!
• How To: A Wheeled Kayak Cart
• Places: The Scenic Upper Missouri River

October 2000 Vol. 9, No. 8 (Out of Stock)
• Lakes of October: Squam Lake, NH
• Kayaking Lake Champlain (VT)
• First Atlantic Kayak Tours Symposium
• Kayak Design: Boat Innovation
• Technique: Leaned Turns
• Technique: Fast Track Class (Maine Island Kayak Co.)
• Safety: How Best to be Seen at Night
• Places: The Lower Conn. River
• Places: Buffalo River, Ark.
• Book Review: Heartbeats in the Muck

November 2000 Vol. 9, No. 9 (Out of Stock)
• Photo Contest
• Paddling Baja
• Paddling with Tall Ships (Ct.)
• Sea Kayaking Elba - Italian Style
• You and Your Kayak: My First Kayak
• Safety: All-In, All-Out - Fast!
• Events: Essex River Row
• Events: The Blackburn Challenge
• Book Review: Kayaking the Maine Coast
• Environment: MITA Island Usage Management Project

December, 2000 Vol. 9, No. 10 (Out of Stock)
• 12th Annual DelMarVa Paddler’s Retreat
• 4th Annual Newfound Rendezvous
• Trip Planning: Everglades National Park
• Safety: Rescue at Sea
• Safety: Beaufort Scale
• Book Reviews: Three guidebooks to Coastal Mass. and Cape Cod

2001 (Click to return to the top)

March 2001 Vol. 10, No. 1 (Out of Stock)
• 2000 Greenland National Kayaking Championships
• Capsize Maneuvers at Championships
• Ten Days in Notre Dame Bay
• Technique: Kayak Stroke Practice in a Pool
• Book Review: Jungle Islands: My South Sea Adventure
• Safety: Boating Fatalities, Water Temperature Chart, Wind Chill Chart

April 2001 Vol. 10, No. 2 (Out of Stock)
• Jobbly Water Days (Sea Center in Anglesey, Wales)
• Snapshots from Jamaica Vacation
• Kayaking People: Mike Falconeri, Sea America Expedition, Part 1
• Competition: Tale of a Reluctant Racer
• Places: Weekend at Assateague
• Environment: MITA Stakeholders Meeting
• Safety: Jet Skis
• How to: Retrofit a Tiller or Skeg System
• Book Reviews: Forgotten Landscapes of Rockwell Kent; Keep Australia on Your Left

May 2001 Vol. 10, No. 3
• Paddling the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia
• Paddling Canada’s Inside Passage, Part 1
• New Products: New Kayaks
• Kayak Cookery: Freeze Dried Food
• Places: Camping on Squam Lake, NH
• Access: Isle au Haut, ME
• Places: Muscle Ridge, ME
• Environment: Seals of the Maine Coast
• Book Excerpt: Reflections on San Francisco Bay
• Safety: Your Personal Float Plan

June 2001 Vol. 10, No. 4
• How to Kayak in Alaska
• Paddling in the Bay of Exploits, Newfoundland
• Paddling Canada’s Inside Passage, Part 2
• Kayaking People: Dick Wheeler Recognized
• Access: 1000 Miles of Trails on N.C.’s Coastal Plain
• Environment: Gulf of Maine Islands, North Atlantic Right Whale, Clean Water Act Violation
• Safety: Potomac Claims a Sea Kayaker

July 2001 Vol. 10, No. 5
• Canada’s Inside Passage, Part 3
• Family Adventure: Little Deer Isle, ME
• Access: Waters in Massachusetts
• Safety: Manage Risk the NOLS Way
• Places: Flamingo Gorge, WY
• Places: Paddling the Monomoys, MA
• Boats: Guillemot Kayaks
• Access: Lake Champlain Paddler’s Trail, Rhode Island
• Book Review: A Thousand Miles in a Rob Roy Canoe
• Book Review: Guide to Sea Kayaking in Maine
• Kayaking People: Diaz Attends Klepper Museum Opening

August 2001 Vol. 10, No. 6
• Skimming the Surface: Novice Paddler
• New Products: Seal Line’s SmartTrack Control System
• Places: Holbrook Island, Maine
• Essay: Paddling at Night
• History: The Real History of Jamaica Bay
• Places: St. Croix National Scenic River
• Safety: Preventing Seasickness
• Video Review: 1st Roll: Rolling Video for Sea Kayakers
• Book Review: Exploring the Hidden Charles
• Humor: The Impact of Color on Boat Performance

September 2001 Vol. 10., No. 7
• A Taste of Paddling in South Korea
• LL Bean’s 20th Annual Sea Kayak Symposium
• MIKCO Paddlefest 2001
• Gear: Personal Survival Tools
• Kayaks You Paddle: Hurricane Aquasports
• Essay: Kayaking Back to Youth
• Kayaking People: Gulf of Maine Expedition, George Ellis Remembered
• Sea Kayaking Clubs in New England and New York

October 2001 Vol. 10, No. 8
• The Lakes of October: Lake Winnipesaukee, Lake Umbagag National Wildife Refuge, Turkey Pond
• Boat Review: Willow Kayaks
• Book Review: Building Skin on Frame Boats
• Technique: Re-Enter and Roll
• Book Review: Sea Kayak Rescue
• Competition: Fort Knox Bay Festival Kayak Race Results
• Competition: Blackburn Challenge Results
• Competition: Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
• Places: Grand Manan, New Brunswick
• Sandy Point to Prudence Island, Rhode Island

November 2001 Vol. 10, No. 9
• Snowbirds Fly South: Sea Kayaking in Baja, Low Water Paddling in the Everglades, Circumnavigation of Omotepe Island, Nicaragua
• Water Trails for a New Millennium
• How To: Hoods and Glasses
• Kayaking People: Maury Eldridge
• Environment: Marine Animal Lifeline
• Places: Paddling Down East

December, 2001 Vol. 10, No. 10
• The Future is Here!
• Around the Bay (Two-day circumnavigation of Narragansett Bay, RI)
• Safety: Cold Water Paddling
• Kayaking People: Mailhot and Zeigler Start Trans-Atlantic Race
• Places: The Circle Line Tour by Kayak (NY, NY)
• Kayak Gear: Money Savers

2002 (Click to return to the top)

March, 2002 Vol. 11. No. 1
• Ecology from a Kayak
• Around Deer Isle, ME
• Northeast Rowers Cross Atlantic
• Chesapeake Light Craft – From Garage to Mature Business
• Places: Point Judith Pond, RI
• Events: 12th Annual Delmarva Paddlers Retreat
• Access: Chesapeake Bay
• Environment: Island Management on Coast of Maine
• Video Review: USK’s Capsize Recoveries

April, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 2
• The Bird Islands, Nova Scotia
• A Five Star Challenge
• Competition: Adventure Racing (BVI)
• Environment: Bahamian Govt. Grants Permits
• Places: Grafton Pond, NH
• Safety: Kayaks Vulnerable to Jet Skis
• Book Review: Rowing to Latitude
• Safety: Cold Water Gear
• Video Review: The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic

May, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 3
• Rounding the Gaspe, Whitehall, NY to Quebec
• In Hawai’I with Audrey Sutherland
• People: Mike Falconeri, Sea America Expedition
• Events: LI’s Alzheimer’s Foundation’s Fundraising Paddle
• Places: Gerrish Island, ME
• Safety: Novice Paddler Perishes
• New Products: Venturesport’s Adventure Extreme, Boreal’s Pakesso

June, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 4
• Remembering Cape Breton
• Rounding the Gaspe, Quebec to Matapedia
• Boats: Tips on Building Your First Kayak
• Places: Paddling Burgeo, Newfoundland
• Book Review: Sea Kayaker’s Pocket Guide
• Safety: Fatality at Cabbage Key
• New Products: Boreal, Breathing Device, Talic Sport Hammocks

July, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 5
• From the Andes to the Pacific
• The Algonquin Trace, Mattaponi, Pamunkey, York Rivers, VA
• Three Lakes: Lake Winnipesaukee, Sebago, Chiputneticook
• Boats: From Cradle to Car
• Events: 2002 Maine Coast Natural History Seminar
• Places: Paddling the Outer Cape, MA
• Book Review: The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook

August, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 6
• Small Isles Tour, Scotland
• Thacher’s Island, MA
• Surfing Narragansett Swells, RI
• People: Mitchell Paddles
• Environment: Wanderers (birds at sea)
• Events: 2002 USCA National Championship
• Events: Around Peaks Island Race Results
• Book Review: Visions of the Wild

September, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 7
• Northeast Traditional Kayak Gathering
• Old Quarry Adventures
• Safety: Rescue Streamer
• Places: Paddling to Pond Island (ME)
• Safety: On Being a Sea Kayaker
• New Products: North Water Rescue, Dagger
• Competition: 2002 Blackburn Race Results
• Book Review: Building a Greenland Kayak

October, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 8 (Out of Stock)
• Photo Essay: Squam Lake, NH
• Places: Portsmouth, NH
• Places: Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, GA
• Environment: Litter Picking by Kayak
• Safety: Using the Compass
• Race Results: Valcour Island, VT
• Access: Black Island Hammock, FL
• The Lakes of October: Pawtuckaway Lake, NH
• Your Kayak Adventures: On the Thames (London)

November, 2002 Vol. 11, No. 9
• Mingan Archipelago, Quebec
• Laguna de Apoyo Safari, Nicaragua
• Places: The York River, ME
• History: Greenland Kayaks
• Safety: Skin Protection
• Access: Connecticut Kayaking
• Competition: Greg Barton at Blackburn Challenge
• Equipment: Benefits of a Shorter Paddle
• Safety: Kayak Trip Turns Deadly
• Video Review: Beyond the Cockpit

2003 (Click to return to the top)

March, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 1
• Places: Riding the Fundy Bay Ebb Tide Express
• Places: Circumnavigation Isle au Haut
• Kayaker Paddles 1,750 Miles: Fla. To N.H.
• Events: Newfound Rendezvous\
• Technique: Paddling Double
• Environment: To Be a Harbor Seal
• Access: Cape Cod Water Trails
• In Memory: Cockleshell Hero Bill Sparks
• Review: Kayaking the Keys

April, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 2
• Places: Northeast Greenland, Scoresbysund
• Places: Nuchatlitz Provincial Park, Vancouver Island
• Recreational or Touring Kayak – Which is Right for You?
• NYC Club Helps Kids Get on Water
• Dismasted Off Point Lookout, LI
• Technique: Hooked on Racing
• Iceland Expedition 2003
• Health: Sitting in a Boat
• News & Notes: Keys Paddling Trail
• Events: Gulf of Maine Sea Kayak Symposium Reborn
• Review: Sea Kayaking the Carolinas

May, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 3
• Places: Paddling the Isles of Shoals, NH/ME
• Shad-and-Jig-Head Lure: Fishing from a Sea Kayak
• People: Earl Baldwin
• Places: Herring Brook Valley, Southeast Mass.
• Review: New Hudson River Water Trail Guide
• Circling Long Island to Fight Alzheimer’s
• Health: Paddling Through Your Bones
• Low Tech Paddling on Sweet Water and Salt
• Events: Small Boat Shop & Jersey Paddler Expos
• News: Canoe/Kayak Registraton Scuttled in Conn.
• Kayak Racing in New England

June, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 4
• Places: Beyond Isle au Haut: Part II
• Why Join a Paddling Club?
• Kayak Fishing: Make Your Own Rod Holder
• Health: Paddling From the Front
• Access: A Considerable Culvert in Camden
• Events: North Cove Outfitters Demo Weekend
• Events: Run of the Charles Race
• Places: Riding the Fundy Bay Ebb Tide Express: Part II
• Review: Complete Folding Kayaker, 2nd Edition
• News: Hudson Gets Kiosk at Peebles Island
• News: Recycling Fishing Line in the Keys

July, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 5
• Greenland, Wing, or Standard – Choose Your Paddle
• Places: In Search of Wild Blue Iris: Newfoundland
• Technique: Getting Seated – Built for Comfort
• Health: Stretches for Paddlers
• Safety: Lightning
• Hooked on Racing: Part II
• Events: Kittery Trading Post’s Paddlesports Show
• Gear: GPS-Ready Waterproof Charts
• Blood of Ancient Mariner –Horseshoe Crabs
• Video Review: The Kayak Forward Stroke

August, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 6
• A Guide’s Life
• Rounding Shelter Island, N.Y., by Kayak
• Faraway Places: Bonaire
• Health: Stretches for Paddlers – Part II
• Build a Boat: Adam Bolonsky and Lynne Paju
• Technique: Spirit Sails
• Reflections: On the Flats of Penobscot Bay
• Water Version of Appalachian Trail for Northeast
• Book Excerpt: The Kayak Companion

September, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 7
• Paddling an Outrigger at the Blackburn
• Nanatucket K-Ride: Close Call for 2 Kayakers
• Expedition Skills & Safety: Planning
• People: In Memory of John Heath
• Faraway Places: Santa Cruz Paddling Weekend
• Reflections: Summer River
• Events: Gulf of Maine Sea Kayak Symposium
• Kayak Fishing: Chumming for Stripers of Popham
• Memory Challenge Duo Sets Circumnav Record
• Bay Naturalist: Fall Comes to the Chesapeake
• Book Review: Building the Greenland Kayak

October, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 8
• Lake George – Queen of American Lakes
• Three Little Known Gems in Central Mass.
• Cranberry Lake: Wilderness in Adirondacks
• Environment: Kayakers vs. Invasive Species
• People: Impex Kayak’s Danny Mongo
• Miami to Key West to Fight Cancer
• Expeditions: Health and Medical Planning
• Blackburn Challenge Results
• Gear: Build Your Own Karack
• Reflections: Heron Encounter
• Gear: Eastern Outdoor Reps Assn. Show

November, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 9
• Edit: Two Women Lost on Cape Cod
• Kayaking the Lower Keys
• Paddling Florida Bay: Upper Keys
• Faraway Places: Milos, Greece
• People: “Duct Tape Bob” Lyons
• ACA Coastal Kayak Training Weekend
• Humor: Rollaholics Anonymous
• Environment: On Diurnal Tides
• Newfound Rendezvous
• Review: Narragansett Bay Put-Ins Guide
• Reflections: Motion Lotion

December, 2003 Vol. 12, No. 10
• Cold Weather Paddling
• Places: Discovering Saguenay Fjord
• Access: Cape Cod Water Trails: Part II
• Events: Florida Gulf Coast Symposium
• History: Martha J. Coston
• People: Building the Good Life
• Reflections: The Kayak

2004 (Click to return to the top)

March, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 1
• Wilderness Kayak Camping
• Faraway Places: A Brief Image of Japan
• Places: Places to Paddle in Maine
• Events: Making Like Breca
• Technique: Rolling Maligiaq’s Kayak
• Kayaking People: mark Jacobsen
• Fiction: In Defiance of Club Rules

April, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 2
• Weekend Camping in the Thousand Islands
• Environment: Salt Marsh Restoration at Joppa Flats
• Boatbuilding: Shearwaters are a Work of Art
• Places: Look Out for the Cape
• East Coast Kayak Clubs
• South of Boston Kayaking Newsletter
• Kayaking People: Alison dyer
• Book Review: AMC Water Trails of Western Mass.
• Book Review: AMC’s River Trails

May, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 3
• An Adirondack Migration
• Aunt Kathy Goes Downeast
• Paddling with Chuck: Canadian St. Lawrence
• Islands National Park
• The Stonington Triangle
• Kayaking People: Robert Woodward

June, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 4
• Special Kids Issue
• Advice From the Experts
• Paddling Gear for Kids
• A Father’s Day Special
• The Kayak Kid
• Fight Boredom: Develop Their Skills
• Rescue and Re-entry for Kids
• Paddling with Chuck: Short Stories and Photos
• Book Review: The Lewis and Clark Columbia River Trail
• Essay

July, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 5
• Gulf of Maine Expedition: Part I: The Southern Gulf
• Places: Circumnavigating Manhattan
• Places: Grand Manan
• Review: SeaTrails Marine Maps
• Equipment: Those Outrageous Outriggers
• Paddling with Chuck: My Failure in Trip Leading
• Book Review: Life Between the Tides
• Equipment: Mark 1 Folding Kayak

August, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 6
• Gulf of Maine Expedion: Part II: The Coast of Maine
• Access: Doing the Island Arithmetic
• Environment: Kayaking with Whales
• Places: Local Knowledge: Rockport, Mass.
• Places: Meeting at Sea
• Paddling with Chuck: Summer Doldrums: Training Opportunities
• Places: Stonington (Maine) Revisited

September, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 7
• Gulf of Maine Expedition: Part III: The Bay of Fundy
• Environment: Scientists Dive into Secrets of Elusive Seaducks
• Events: Blackburn Challenge Results
• Places: Suwanee River Sojourn
• Equipment: Cool Weather Kayak Camping
• Video Review: Bu8ild Your own Boat: The Canvasback Kayak

October, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 8
• Richardson’s Lakes of Maine’s Northern Wilderness
• Paddling the Indian River Lakes
• Access: Victor Plouhenic’s Logbook
• Navigation: What’s New with GPS
• Paddling with Chuck: New Jersey’s Coastal Wilderness
• How to: Make A Rod Holder for a Sit-on-Top Kayak
• DVD Review: Practical Kayaking

November, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 9
• Kayaking the Virgin Islands
• Belize’s Barrier Reef
• Book Review: Eastern Arctic Kayaks
• Kayaking People: Thurseve’s Boeschen
• Product Review: Kokatat’s Destination Paddle Wear
• Events: Paddle the Bay Survivors
• Book Review: Day Paddling Narragansett Bay
• Environment: Kayak Fishing in Jamaica

December, 2004 Vol. 13, No. 10
• Blue Heaven (British Columbia Coast)
• Kayaking People: The Greenland National Championships 2004
• Finland: Lahti Holiday
• Equipment: Echo Rowing

2005 (Click to return to the top)

March, 2005 Vol. 14, No. 1
• Feature: Scaterie Island, Nova Scotia
• March, 2005 Vol.14, No. 1
• Scaterie Island: Nova Scotia’s Far East
• Technique: Passing Plateaus
• Events: Gulf of Maine Symposium 2004
• Places: A Paddling Paradise: Rochester, N.Y.
• Get Up and Go
• Events: 20th Annual Delaware and Raritan Canal Race
• New Products

April, 2005 Vol.14, No. 2
• Along Acadian Shores: Halifax to Digby, Nova Scotia
• Safety: Suwannee River, Fla.
• Places: Alaska (Baranoff Island) – A Family Affair
• Safety: Old Flares Breed a Dilemma
• Places: Springtime in Bangor
• Get Up and Go
• Equipment: Fitting Amphibious Feet
• Book Reviews: Southern Exposure, The Frozen Coast
• Cutler Lighthouse, Maine

May, 2005 Vol.14, No. 3
• Rope Magic at the Greenland Games
• Environment: The Eagle at Eagle Rock
• Safety: Pets
• History: Skipjacks in Chesapeake Bay
• Places: Paddling the Past (four trips in Newfoundland)
• Places: Cobscook Bay, Maine
• Get up and Go
• Club Profile: The Touring Kayak Club of New York
• Portsmouth Lighthouse, N.H.

June, 2005 Vol.14, No. 4
• The Inflatable Kayak
• My Life so Far: Nigel Foster
• Places: The North and South River Watershed
• How To: Artificial Hip
• Equipment: Boat Trailer Makeover
• Places: West Passage, Rhode Island
• Get up and Go: Safety Cards
• Events: North and South River Watershed Expo
• Cape Lookout Lighthouse, N.C.

July, 2005 Vol.14, No. 5
• Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland
• Access: Rhode Island, Charles River
• Safety: Paddlers Etiquette
• Equipment: Waterproof Digital Cameras
• Environment: Go Moos
• Equipment: Greenland Gear
• Get up and Go: Emergency Medical Kit
• Places: Acadia National Park
• Rose Island Lighthouse, R.I.

August, 2005 Vol.14, No. 6
• Radar Survey
• Events: Molokai Challenge
• Events: Peaks Island Race
• Safety: Navigational Lights
• Places: Kodiak Island Alaska, Part 1
• Places: Norwalk Islands, Ct.
• Environment: MITA Handbook
• Safety: Paddling in a Thunderstorm
• Baker’s Island Light, Mass.

September, 2005 Vol.14, No. 7
• Great Hudson River Paddle
• Events: Blackburn Challenge
• Equipment: Echo Rowing Shell
• Cedar Strip Kayak Building for Dummies
• Equipment: The Gear Box
• Places: Kodiak, Alaska, Part 2
• DVD Review: This is the Sea

October, 2005 Vol.14, No. 8
• The Lakes of October: Lake George
• Photo Contest
• Places: Escoumins, Quebec
• Events: Martha’s Vineyard Oar and Paddle Race
• Places: Hudson River
• Places: Knubble Bay
• Equipment: Unusual Paddles
• Places: Englishman Bay
• Pumpkin Island Light, Maine

November, 2005 Vol.14, No. 9
• Guatemalan Trilogy
• The Best Paddling Spots in Hawaii
• Environment: Piping Plovers Plummet
• Places: Manchester Harbor, Mass.
• Equipment Review: Various
• Book Review: Rivers of Memory
• American Shoal Lighthouse, Fl

December, 2005 Vol. 14, No. 10
• Feature: Everglades, FL
• Feature: South Korea
• Safety: Don’t Just Get Up and Go
• DVD Review: H2Outfitters Sea Kayak Essentials, 1992 Vol. 1-3
• New Products: Zyflex

2006 (Click to return to the top)

March, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 1
• Feature: Top Races on the Atlantic Coast
• Events: Boot Hill Cup, NY
• Events: Circle the Avalon Challenge, Newfoundland
• Events: Traverse of Paris
• Events: Wrightsville Beach Challenge, NC
• Access: West Branch Water Trail, PA

April, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 2
• Gear!

May, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 3
• Places:
• Moosehead Lake, ME
• Chicago, IL
• Muscongus Bay, ME
• Deer Isle, ME
• Charleston, SC
• Review: The Disappearing Islands of the Chesapeake

June, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 4
• Kayak Fishing:
• Primer for Fishing From Your Kayak
• Some Fishing Kayaks
• Vic Oliver on Kayak Fishing
• Interview with Ken Daubert
• Places: Paddling the German Baltic: Part I
• Events: Run of the Charles
• Events: North South River Watershed Kayak Expo

July, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 5
• Technique:
• Launching Through the Surf
• Using a Wing Paddle
• Capsize-Proofing Your Roll
• Open Water Paddling
• Paddling with a Greenland Paddle
• News: Plum Island Rescue
• Places: Paddling the German Baltic: Part II
• Access: Maine Island Trail Assn.

August, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 6
• Kayak Camping:
• Packing Your Gear: Art and Science
• Renata Clumska Lands on Maine Shores
• Gear List
• Paddling to Vinalhaven, ME
• Places: Padding the German Baltic: Part III
• Events: Mystic River Herring Run
• Navigation: NOAA’s New Direction
• New Products: Chesapeake Light Craft
• Safety: Plum Island Rescue

September, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 7
• Kayaks:
• Choosing Your Kayak
• Unusual New Boats
• Gipson Surf Ski
• Boats You Paddle
• Echo Rowing
• People: Justine Curvgenven
• Places: Bosebuck Mountain Camps
• Reviews: Exploring East End Waters
• Events: Collinsville Canoe Summer Demo Weekend

October, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 8 (Out of Stock)

November, 2006 Vol. 15, No. 9
• Feature: Sea Kayaking in Thailand
• Feature: Winter Paddling in Charleston, S.C.
• People: Renata Chlumska
• Equipment: Kayak Sailing
• Equipment: Rigging a Kayak for Fishing
• Events: Outdoor Retailer 2006
• Navigation: In Defense of Dead Reckoning
• Safety: Fatality in Deer Isle, ME

December, Vol, 15, No. 10
• Cold Water:
• Survival in Cold Water
• Ice Breaker in the Thousand Islands
• Winter Paddling
• The Farmer John Reality
• Environment: Sea Turtles
• New Level of Konfidence for Kids
• What to Wear for Cold Water Immersion
• The Deer
• Safety: PFDs for PA Boaters
• Review: Greenland Paddles Step-by-Step
• Book Review: Hypothermia
• New Products: Kokatat, Wenonah

2007 (Click to return to the top)

March/April, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 1
• Events: Top Races on the Atlantic Coast
• Places: Expedition to Croatia
• Expeditions
• Technique: Forward Stroke
• Review: Rapids by Tim Parks

May, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 2
• Feature: Boat Manufacturers
• Safety: ConnYak Paddling Guidelines
• Safety: Melanoma
• Safety: Cell Phone Revisions
• Environment: Mirages
• Places: The Maine Island Trail Revisited

June, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 3
• Technique:
• Re-Entry and Roll
• Rock Gardens and Rough Water Paddling
• ACA Awards
• DVD Review: All About Kayaking
• Poet’s Corner: On Water
• Review: The Colors of Lobstering
• People: Doug Welch, MITA’s New Director
• Places: Newfoundland: The Southwest Coast
• Products: Shark Proof Rudder

July, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 4 (Out of Stock)
• Greenland Paddling:
• New Products: Betsie Bay’s Dirk
• Learning with Cheri Perry
• Resources
• Review: Greenland Expedition
• Technique: Transient Nature of Skills
• Boats: Current Designs
• Places: Maine Island Trail
• Review: MITA Guidebook
• People: Bob Auchincloss

August, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 5
• Kids and Kayaks:
• Keep it Simple
• Advice from the Experts
• Technique: Can I Still Do That?/Self Assessment
• Events: Peak Island Race
• Places: Lost Islands, Burnt Island, Newfoundland
• Boat Manufacturers: Echo
• Instruction: LL Bean Discovery School
• Safety: Teacher Killed in Kayak Accident
• Review: Adirondack Paddler’s Map

September, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 6
• Boat Building
• The Pygmy Osprey 13
• My Favorite Kayak Building Tools
• Resources
• Technique: The Hadley Combo
• Chesapeake Light Craft Wood Duck
• Events: Blackburn Challenge
• Review: Maine’s Casco Bay Islands
• Review: New Books of Interest to Kayakers

October, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 7
• Kayak Photography:
• Waterproof Digital Photography for Paddlers
• Technique: Wet Re-entry and Paddle Float Roll
• Places: The Saranac Lakes, NY
• Environment: Salt Marsh Shorebirds of Mass.
• People: Margo Pelligrino
• Review: This is the Sea 3
• Safety: Close Calls

November/December, 2007 Vol. 16, No. 9/10
• Places: Kayaking in the Exumas
• Technique: Use the Group
• Events: Gerrish Island Race
• Safety: Wood Island Accident
• Safety: Millers Run Without the Fun
• Access: Juniata River Trail
• People: Ralph Earhart – Paddling to Work
• New Products
• Review: Inshore Britain

2008 (Click to return to the top)

March/April, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 1/2
• Feature: Everglades National Park, Fla.
• Technique: Hand of God (HOG) Rescue
• Places: The Bronx, NY
• Places: Isle of Haut, Maine
• Events: They Mayor’s Cup
• Safety: Cold Water Update
• Review: Inshore Britain

May, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 3
• Events: Jersey Paddlesports Show
• Technique: Capsize Recovery Theory
• Places: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
• Places: Northern Forest Canoe Trail
• New Boats for 2008
• Review: The Verlen Kruger Story

June, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 4
• Feature: Solo by Ed Duggan
• Technique: T-Recovery
• Artist: Agnes Nanogak
• Events: Run of the Charles
• Review: Monhegan: A Guide to Maine’s Fabled Islands

July, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 5
• Feature: Paddle to the Sea – Through the St. Lawrence River
• Technique: Victim or Victim Behavior
• Safety: Contoocook Kayaking 101
• Places: Connecticut’s Mystic Coast
• Places: The Bronx, NY
• Environment: Bald Cypress in the Chesapeake
• Review: Hebridean Waves

August, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 6
• Places: Northern Forest Canoe Trail: Umbazooksus Stream to Churchill Dam
• Technique: On Water Kayak Repair
• Safety: Trip Planning for Success
• Places: Hermit Island Campground, Maine
• History: John MacGregor
• Events: Peaks Island Race
• Safety: Trailering
• Review: GPS Outdoors, Atlantic Coastal Plain Wildflowers

September, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 7
• Feature: Maine Fishing Tournament
• Safety: Kayak Bill, Compass Use
• Technique: Dressing for Immersion
• People: Head on the Sea
• People: Castrission and Jones – Tasman Sea Crossing
• People: Alison Sigethy/Ray Fusco/Kent Ford/Bill Kueper
• Events: Jamestown (RI) Race
• Events: Blackburn Challenge
• Camping: Raccons
• Environment: Lake Champlain
• Review: How to Read a Nautical Chart

October, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 8
• Feature: Lows Lake, Adirondacks, NY
• Environment: Puffins/Loons
• Technique: Cowboy Recovery
• New Products
• Essay: Transport of Delight
• Places: Mangroves, Brazil

November/December, 2008 Vol. 17, No. 9/10
• Feature: 10,000 Islands (Fla.) Host a Meteoric Feast
• Access: Explore RI
• Technique: Solo Paddle Float Recovery
• People: Gail Ferris/Arctic Tales
• Safety: Night Paddling
• Events: Rough Water Symposium
• Places: Atlantic Canada (Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
• Video Review: USK’s Bracing Clinic

2009  (Click to return to the top)

May, 2009 Vol. 18, No. 1
• Expedition Watch: Antarctic Coast, BC Inside Passage,Argentina
• Access: Northern Forest Canoe Trail
• People: Karen Francoeur
• Safety: Navigation – GPS use
• Technique: What Do You Want from a Trip?
• Places: Western Shore Newfoundland
• Events: Mayor’s Cup, New York

June/July, 2009 Vol. 18, No. 2
• Feature: Epic Kayaks
• Safety: New Zealand Regulations
• Safety: Kayaker Lost Off Isles of Shoals
• Technique: The Advanced Rescue
• Technique: Approaching a Panicked Swimmer
• Places: Sea Kayaking Through Maine’s Island Preserves
• Places: Cape Cod Revisited
• Places: Choptank River
• DVD Review: Surfskis, Basics Volume 1

August, 2009 Vol. 18, No. 3
• Feature: Plan Three Days to Get to Long Lake (Adirondacks)
• Technique: Sea Wings Recoveries and Uses
• Events: Lake Champlain Kayakers Celebrate
• Events: Blackburn Challenge in a Fast Sea Kayak
• Events: Blackburn Challenge: Ideal Conditions
• Places: Arctic Tales (Greenland)
• New Products: Loli-Ana SUP

September, 2009 Vol. 18, No. 4
• Feature: Circling Swans Island, Maine
• People: Alex McClain
• Technique: Contact Towing
• Places: Westport River, Mass.
• Environment: Chesapeake Bay
• Safety: Analysis – 2008 Recreational Boating Mishaps
• Review: Muscongus Bay Atlas

October. 2009 Vol. 18, No. 5
• Lakes of October – Grafton Pond, NH
• Technique: Group Paddling Creed
• Events: 26th Annual Adirondack Canoe Classic
• Places: Orr’s Island, Maine
• Safety: Deceptive but ‘Orrible Off-Shore Winds
• Review: Paddling Rhode Island and Connecticut
• Reflections: 40 Years of Foraging

November, 2009 Vol. 18, No. 6
• Snowbirds: Escape Winter: Take the Auto Train to Florida
• Technique: Traditional All-In Recovery
• People: Marc Bourgoin, Ponch Membreno of Lincoln Canoe
• Places: Flamingo to Chokoloskee
• Places: Bahamas to Belize

December, 2009 Vol. 18, No. 7
• Feature: Paddling the Belizean Cayes
• Technique: Scoop Rescue
• People: Doug Simpson, Feathercraft
• Places: Crystal River, FL
• Ten Years Ago in ACK: Greenland Kayak Club
• Places: Clingstone, RI

2010  (Click to return to the top)

March, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 1
• Feature: Don't be Late for Hell Gate
• Gear: The Ultimate Sunscreen
• People: Chuck Sutherland Awarded NASBLA Award
• Review: Crossing the Ditch (From Australia to New Zealand)
• Expedition Watch: First Solo Sea Kayak of South Georgia Island
• Places: From Quebec City to Tadoussac to Chicoutimi
• Places: Wicked Local Paddles
• Places: An Epic Experience in Captiva
• Places: Norwalk Islands, Connecticut

April, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 2
• Feature: Top Races on the Atlantic Coast
• Gear: Dealer's Choice - Bryce Morris of Charles River Canoe & Kayak
• People: David Valverde, Baloh Sail Designs
• Events: 2010 Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium
• Tech Savvy Paddler: Charting Online with GeoGarage
• Review: Eastern Horizons DVD
• Expedition Watch: Attempt to Circumnavigate Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego
• Safety: GPS at Risk, LORAN, Be a Survivor
• Places: Paddling the Flooded Forest: The Lower St. John River

May, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 3
• Feature: The Champlain Quadricentennial Kayak Expedition
• Reader Survey Results I
• Events: Kittery Trading Post Paddlesports Show
• People: Tom Bergh, Maine Island Kayak Company
• Book Review: Northern Forest Canoe Trail: The Official Guidebook
• DVD Review: Terra Antarctica
• Expedition Watch: Kayaking the Amazon
• Places: Matthews County, Va.: More Than 90 Miles of Superb Saltwater Paddling

June, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 4
• Feature: The Hudson River End-to-End - A Backwards Look
• Reader Survey Results II
• Safety: The Beaufort Scale
• Safety: Two Women Perish in Casco Bay, ME
• Kayaking People: John Lockwood of Pygmy Boats
• Kayaking People: Allie McConnell - Paid to Paddle
• Events: 28th Run of the Charles
• Environment: MITA Gets Help From Clubs
• Expedition Watch: A New Exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula
• Places: Riverbend Park on the Potomac River

July/August, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 5
• Feature: Paddling “The Platinum Coast”: Mathews County, Virginia
• Technique: Supportive Reverse Sweep Stroke
• Safety: Lake George Paddler Run Over by Power Boat
• Access: Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, NYC
• Access: Hurricane Island, Maine
• New Products: The Dealer’s Choice - Suggestions from Lincoln Canoe
• Navigation: Variation, Deviation, Declination - Clear Terms for Clean Navigation
• Events: Hudson River Greenland Paddling Festival
• Events: Texas Water Safari
• Environment: Offshore Oil Drilling Plans Put on Hold; Shell Buys Marcellus Holdings
• Expedition Watch: 2010 Iceland Sea Kayak Circumnavigation
• Fiction Feature: The Dolphbin Mystery Part I • Places: Deer River’s Scenic Stillwater
• Book Review: The Watkins Boys
• DVD Review: Paddle to Seattle - Journey Through the Inside Passage

September, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 6
• Feature: The Chewonki Boatbuilders Expedition
• Technique: Your Paddling Engine
• Safety: Newfoundland Death, Massachusetts Law
• Events: 5th Annual Mayor’s Cup Race, NYC
• Environment: Milfoil, Phone App, Green Turtles
• Expedition Watch: From Sea to Sea: A Continuation
• Fiction Feature: The Dolphin Mystery Part II • Places: The Shores I Know - Eastern Long Island
• Places: Paradise Lost? Proposed Road Threatens Mattawoman Creek
• Book Review: Without a Paddle - Race Around Florida by Sea Kayak
• DVD Release: Essential Kayaking Strokes

October, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 7
• Feature: The Lakes of October - The Seven Carries
• Feature: Around Lake Champlain Solo by Sea Canoe
• Poetry Page • Technique: Changing Feather Angles
• Safety: Capsized!
• Events: The 24th Annual Blackburn Challenge
• Expedition Watch: N.J. Mom First Woman to Solo Paddle 740-mile Water Trail
• Places: Paddling Long Island’s South Shore Inlets
• Book Review: Confessions of a Wave Warrior

November/December, 2010 Vol. 19, No. 8
• Feature: Exploring Culebra, The Last Virgin
• Feature: A Break from the Bleak: A Winter Trip to Charleston, S.C
• Feature: Exploring Rivers That Don’t Freeze - Winter Paddling in Florida
• Poetry Page
• New Products
• Environment: Birders Flock to Raptors' Migration
• Safety: Going With The Floe
• Events: Fast, Fun Short Ships Race
• Expedition Watch: Solo Circumnavigation of Great Britain Complete! 2,540 Miles in 80 Days
• History: Klepper Mania - A Kayak Log from the Past
• Photo Essay: 10/10/10 Work Weekend on Hurricane Island
• Book Review: 25th Anniversary Reprint of The Dreamtime Voyage

2011  (Click to return to the top)

March/April, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 1
• Feature: Sanibel and Captiva: Paradise Saved
• Technique: Shoulder Safety
• New Products
• Places: Messing About on Muscongus Bay
• Places: Boston Harbor: An Urban Kayak Adventure
• Book Review: Solo - A Man, A Kayak, An Ocean

May, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 2
• Feature: The Patuxent River Water Trail
• Technique: Walking a Kayak
• New Products
• How Far Can You Go?: Doba Becomes Fourth to Kayak Atlantic; Ancient Mariners Cross Atlantic on Pipe Raft
• Places: On the Sheepscot
• Places: A Maine Island Story - Four Kayakers Transformed by Maine’s Islands
• DVD Release: Derek Hutchinson in “North Sea Crossing” and “Yarns From The Cockpit”
• DVD Review: Nanook of the North

June, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 3
• Feature: A Tale of Two Charleston Adventures Anyone Can Paddle
• Technique: Capsize and T-Recovery Combo
• Environment: Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Blue Crabs, Ocean Oxygen Levels
• New Products
• How Far Can You Go?: Jon Turk leads 2011 Ellesmere Island Circumnavigation
• Places: An Easter Kayak on the Bronx Kill
• Events: Run of the Charles - A River Ran Through It…
• Events: Essex River Race
• Book Review: You Want To go Where?

July/August, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 4
• Feature: SK102: Rocking and Rolling on Lake Anna
• Technique: Do I Need a Helmet?
• Environment: Lake Champlain Flooding, Grey Seals Shot on Cape Cod
• The Gear Bag
• How Far Can You Go?: Taylor Ends Attempt Around NZ; Sandy Robson starts Germany-Australia Paddle
• Safety: Car Topping 101: Strapping A Kayak On Your Car
• Events: Runner Meets Bike Meets Horse Meets Kayak
• Places: Kayaking Cape Rosier
• Book Review: Hey, I’d Eat This at Home!

September, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 5
• Feature: Pygmy Boat Trials in Sea Otter Inlet
• Technique: Leg Hook Re-entry After A Capsize
• Boat Review: Tahe Marine
• Places: Missisquoi Pastoral Paddle
• Places: Kayaking Boston’s North Shore
• The Gear Bag: Dealer’s Choice - Wildmeadow Canoe & Kayak
• Safety: Car Topping 101: Strapping A Kayak On Your Car
• Book Review: Building Fuselage Frame Boats
• Book Review: Seaworthy: A Swordboat Captain Returns to the Sea
• DVD Release: Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq & Dubside
• Events: The 25th Run of the Blackburn Challenge: Blood, Sweat, and Beers

October, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 6
• Feature: Lakes of October: An Adirondack Adventure
• Technique: Switch & Swim Surf Zone Landing
• Dealer's Choice: Jim Dreeben of Peconic Paddler
• Boats: Tahe Redux
• Places: Plum Island Paddle - Marsh Madness (Mass.)
• Book Review: The Fat Paddler
• Book Review: Moby Duck - The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea
• How Far Can You Go?: Another Successful “Wizard of Oz”

November, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 7
• Feature: Flying to a Second Summer - Paddling Exuma
• New Products
• Tech Savvy Paddler: Is Stand-alone GPS Dead?
• Equipment: Rebuilding a Yost Sea Rover Skin-on-Frame Kayak
• Essay: Thurseve Paddle Report
• Places: Poplar Island - Out of the Spoils into the Spectacular
• Places: There’s Peace in Friendship (Maine)
• How Far?: Boomer and Turk Circumnavigate Ellesmere
• Article Review: Making a West Greenland Paddle
• Video Review: Carving the Greenland Paddle

December, 2011 Vol. 20, No. 8
• Feature: Ladies of the Lake Sea Kayak Symposium
• Book Review: My Green Manifesto
• Kayaking People: Jim Dreeben - Paddling Captain to Peconic Bay
• Dealer's Choice: How to Dress for Cold-Water Paddling
• Places: Circumnavigating Deer Isle and Isle au Haut
• Environment: Harbor Seals Die, Baby Stripers Grow, Invasive Mussels
• Technique: The Seasick Paddler
• Events: The 25th Run of the Blackburn Challenge: Blood, Sweat, and Beers

2012  (Click to return to the top)

March/April, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 1
• Feature: The 2012 Florida Keys Challenge
• DVD Review: Paddle Monster
• Book Review: PADDLE: A Long Way Around Ireland
• Safety: Ten Commandments of Sea Kayaking
• New Products
• Places: Paddling Pacific
• Environment: Hurricane Island Foundation
• 15 Years Ago in ACK: Three Easy Keys

May, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 2
• Feature: Conserving Cultural History: Alutiiq Kayak Restoration
• Technique: The Mental Game of Rolling
• Places: Around Savannah - The Tybee Island Marshes
• Places: Trips Around Deer Isle
• Book Review: Kayak Morning - Thoughts on love, grief, and small boats
• Events: New Jersey Paddlefest Photo Essay

June, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 3
• Feature: Kayaking in the Dominican Republic
• Technique: Eskimo Bow Recovery
• Environment: Sailing for Plastics through The North Pacific Gyre
• DVD Review: Greenland Rolling With Maligiaq & Dubside Parts 1 & 2
• New Products
• Inland Paddles: The Adirondacks
• Safety: Kayaker Dies Off Scarborough, ME

July/August, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 4
• Feature: Balogh Sail Design: The Power of Sail
• Book Review: Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent
• Events: Essex River Race
• Technique: In-Out Surf Landing
• Environment: Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership
• How Far Can You Go?: Sandy Robson Austria to Australia
• DVD Review: Sea Kayak Rescues
• The Gear Bag
• Contest: Paddling With Your Pooch

September, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 5
• Feature: Everglades Forever (1992-2012)
• Technique: The TX Recovery
• Places: Androscoggin Adventure
• Kayak People: Interview with Jeff Horton of Kudzu Craft
• Safety: Small Craft Communication: From a Kayak, SUP, Canoe..
• New Products: LIFEPROOF iPhone 4/4s Case; Shewee - Stand Up And Take Control!
• Events: Yarmouth Clam Fest Race • Environment: Debris Alphabet

October, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 6
• Feature: Lakes of October - A Tale of Two Lakes (Adirondacks)
• Technique: The Paddle Swim
• Places: Visiting Vinalhaven
• The Slowest Long Island Circumnavigation in History
• Places: Penobscot Pearls (Maine)
• New Products: Waterproof Phone Bags

November, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 7
• Feature: Baja Expedition: A Month and 400 Miles
• Technique: Stirrup Recoverries
• Places: Paddling Chincoteague
• Environment: Crop Circles in the Sea
• Safety: Call Me Ishmael
• Placesz: Panamanian Pacific Island Tours

December, 2012 Vol. 21, No. 8
• Feature: Corpus Christi: A Kayaker's Paradise
• In Memorium: Derek Hutchinson
• Technique: Stern High Brace Turn
• Gear Bag: Holiday Gifts For That Special Kayaker
• DVD Review: This is the Roll
• Book Review: Dreamtime Voyage 25th Year
• Book Review: Encounter From a Kayak
• Places: Paddling the Connecticut Coast

2013  (Click to return to the top)

March, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 1
• Feature: The Georgia Coast
• Places: Paddling the Mid-Hudson
• Dispatches: Thursday Evening Paddle
• Places: Criss-crossing Casco Bay
• Build Your Own Greenland Kayak
• Access: iPhone Apps for the Chesapeake

April, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 2
• Feature: Exploring Mid-Penobscot Bay
• MITA at 25: Success Is No Surprise
ACK Reprint: Directors Keep MITA on Course
• Access: 320 New Sites on the Chesapeake
• Places: Ice Viewed From the Cockpit (Greenland)
• Safety: David P. Civile Foundation
• Safety: Cold Water Immersion

May, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 3
• Feature: Top Paddling Races
• DVD Review: This Is The Sea5
• Safety: The Dressing Game
• Places: Great Paddles Around Charleston, S.C.
• Kayak People: Scott Szczepaniak
• Environment: Birds From Your Kayak
• Places: Knubble Bay Guide
• Safety: When Lightning Strikes
• Photo Essay: Acadia and Mt. Desert, Maine

June, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 4
• Feature: Paddling Solo Together: A Father's Day Tribute
• Places: Here, There, and (Almost) Everywhere
• Book Review: Paddling North
• Technique: The Low Brace Turn
• Book Review: More Fuselage Frame Boats
• Places: Cedar Key Adventure, Florida
• Events:Essex River Race
• Photo Essay: Smithsonian Native Boats

July/August, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 5
• Access: Working Waterfronts
• Places: Back On The Bay, Maine
• Trail News: A Man, A Plan, A Trail, Fantastic!
• Safety: Surf Zone Responsibilities
• History: WWII Folding Kayak Rescue, Crete
• Events: Mystic River Herring Run and Paddle, Mass.
• Places: Outer Banks Of North Carolina
• Places and Faces: Paddle Boston

September, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 6
• Feature: Daws Island Adventure, S.C.
• Places: Kayaking to the "Eiffel Tower," Ct.
• The Gear Bag: Lose the Paddle! Hobie Mirage Outback
• Places: Paddling the Pemaquid, Maine
• There's An App For That
• Paddleboard Yoga Comes To Lake Winnepesaukee, N.H.
• Places and Faces: EKAL Means Lake, N.H.
• Don't say "No!" To YES

October, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 7
• Technique: Extended Paddle Roll
• Environment: "Nanticoke Island"
• The Gear Bag: Craft Beer in Cans!
• Kayaking People: Greg Paquin
• Safety: The Safe Harbor (New York)
• Places: Harraseeket River, Maine
• Places: Paddler's Paradise - Adirondack Lakes, N.Y.

November/December, 2013 Vol. 22, No. 8
• Feature: Snowbirds Fly South
• Technique/Safety: Swimmer Assists
• Kayaking People: Voyage of the Heron
• Places: Solo in the 'Glades, Fl.
• Places: Roatan Daydreamin', Honduras
• Places: Sandy River Ponds, Maine
• Do-it-Yourself: Economy Paddle Rack

2014  (Click to return to the top)

March, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 1
• Feature: Around The Vineyard By Kayak
• Places: The Pelham Islands, N.Y.
• Kayaking People: Gullwing's Art Carlow
• Kayaking People: TopKayaker's Tom Holtey
• Places: Knubble Bay Maine
• Places: My Favorite Knubble Bay Trips

April, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 2
• Feature: Planned Paddle Maine To Guatemala
• Safety: Paddling Alone
• Active Sitting For The Kayaker's Office
• Kayaking People: Stellar's David Thomas
• Review: Sea Kayaking Nova Scotia
• Places: Mushaboom Harbour, Nova Scotia
• Events: Kiptopeke Sea Kayak Symposium
• Photos: Scenes Of Nova Scotia

May, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 3
• Feature: Environment: Marsh World
• Review: An Adirondack Passage
• Safety: Safety in Numbers?
• Kayaking People: NFCT's Karrie Thomas
• Gear Bag: Paddle Leashes
• Places: Ice-Bound Prince Edward Island

June, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 4
• Feature: Gulf To Gulf Odyssey
• Technique: Shore Spin For The Surf Zone
• East Coast Paddlesports Festival
• The Gear Bag: Yeti Coolers
• Kayak People: Talk with Bill Thomas
• Photo Essay: Bill Thomas' Boats

July/August, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 5
• Sticking To The Itinerary Attitude
• Kayaking People: Fernald's Changes Hands
• Poetry Corner
• Kayak Fishin': Striped Bass With Tube & Worm
• Gear Bag: Solo Stove, Jack Rabbit SL3 Tent
• Places: Passamaquoddy Bay
• Book Review: The Paddling Chef
• Places: The Swamp Cathedral Of Cypress
• Book Review: More Deep Trouble
• Events: The Essex River Race
• Photo Essay: Passamaquoddy Scenes

September, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 6
• Feature: That Sinking Feeling: Paddling the Vogalonga
• Gear Bag: New Boat Kits, Sun Hats, MITA App
• Technique: Re-entry and Pump Rescue
• Kayak Fishin': That Extra Mile - Hidden Ponds
• Places: P.E.I, Canada - Know When To Bail Out
• Book Review: All The Way Round
• Places: The Big Musquash Stream
• More Photos from the Vogalonga

October, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 7
• Feature: The Connecticut Lakes Region of N.H.
• Technique: Boating With Your Best Friend
• Technique: High & Low Brace Blade Mechanics
• Places: NYC By The Numbers
• Gear Bag: Aironaut vs. Oru
• Places: Paddling Waco, Texas
• More Connecticut Lakes Photos

November/December, 2014 Vol. 23, No. 8
• Feature: Virgin Islands Voyage
• Holiday Gear Bag
• Technique: Learning In Controlled Chaos
• Safety: Don't Be Done In The Sun
• Places: Kayaking and Camping In Belize
• Kayak People: Mark Eckhart of Long Haul Folding Kayaks
• Environment: Hunting and Gathering In The Marsh
• Places: Fabulous Vacations For The Paddler

2015  (Click to return to the top)

March, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 1
• Feature: The Juniper Run, Ocala National Forest, Fla.
• Safety: Has This Ever Happened To You?
• Places: Canoeing Mahone Bay, N.S
• Gear Bag: Testing the Long Haul Mark I Folding Kayak
• Events: Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the Southeast
• Places: Kayaking Martha's Vineyard
• Photo Essay: Images of Isle au Haut, Maine

April, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 2
• Feature: Around Florida - Literally - By Kayak
• News & Notes: Aloha 'Oe Audrey Sutherland
• Nocturne: Thursday Evening Paddle
• Technique: The Whistle in Kayaking
• Clubs: Paddling With RICKA
• The Gear Bag: Klepper Innovations
• Environment: Trap Pond Bald Cypresses
• Events: Extreme Kayaking or Extreme Insanity?
• Kayak People: Jay Gittomer of Babes With Blades
• Events: Meeting the (Blackburn) Challenge
• Places: A Fall Paddle in Maine
• Technique: How to Improve Your Kayak Photography

May, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 3
• Feature: The Chewonki Boatbuilders Expedition - Part I: We Build The Boats
• Technique: Testing Your Immersion Ensemble
• The Gear Bag: The Kayaker's Bug-out Bag
• Events: Canoecopia Symposiuns
• Places: Parker River Reserve - Paddling the Massachusetts Great Marsh
• Camping: Emergency Food Bar Recipes
• Photos: Chewonki Boatbuilders

June, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 4
• Feature: Episode II: The Chewonki Boatbuilders Expedition
• Paddling the Isle of Milos
• Trails: Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Maine Huts
• The Gear Bag: Nigel Dennis Kayaks, Airo-Double-Naut, Mythic Drysuits
• Tom Holtey of TopKayaker: Guidance and Gear for Kayakers
• James Island Symposium
• safety: PANIC!

July/August, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 5
• Feature: Snowbird In The Glades
• The Gear Bag: Sink the Stink Wetsuit Cleaner, Biolite Stove
• Traditional Inuit Paddlers-Southeast
• NDK Demo Day in Ipswich
• Point Judith Pond, Rhode Island
• A Paddle Through Time
• Essex River Race
• Safety: Is It Safe?

September, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 6
• Feature: A Newfoundland Adventure
• Demo Day at Newbury Kayaks And Canoe
• Kayaking Cuba
• What's With This Greenland Skinny Stick?
• Delmarva Paddlers' Retreat
• Blackburn Dishes Out A Doozey
• Technique: Back-In Surf Landing

October, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 7
• Feature: Six Day Sojourn In The Adirondacks
• The Gear Bag: Superlight Camper, New Can Opener, Portable Wind Turbine USB Recharger
• Connecticut River Trip Report
• Raquette River Outfitters
• Hornbeck Canoes
• Technique: Using Ranges (A.K.A. Transits)

November/December, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 8
• Do-It-Yourself: Refitting the Arluk 1.8 Cockpit
• The Gear Bag: Gift Tips for the Holidays
• Safety: Cold Water Boating
• Blue Hill Bay & Swan's Island, Maine
• Access: Ipswich River, Mass. - Great South Bay, Babylon, N.Y.
• Al Anderson of Betsie Bay Kayak
• Safety: Seaworthy

2016  (Click to return to the top)

March, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 1
• The Potomac Passagemakers Tour: Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay Paddles
• 2015 Delmarva (Greenland) Paddlers Retreat
• The Gear Bag: Motionize Paddle: Unique Tech For Paddlers
• Inaugural Bartram History Paddle, Florida
• Past 25 years: Eeyore in the Exumas
• Three Early Season Inland Races

April, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 2
• Interview: Master Guide Alice Bean Andrenyak
• Access: Rhode Island & Florida Paddle Trails
• MTI Adventurewear: 25 years Making PFDs
• Best of 25 Years: Circumnavigating the B.V.I.s
• Safety: Should Your Knife Be Combat Ready?
• Safety: When Things Turn Really Bad - Personal Locator Beacons
• The Gear Bag: Hobie's Inflatable Mirage i11S
• The Gear Bag: RapidUp Down-wind Sail
• The Gear Bag: uKai Adventurer Modular Sea Kayak
• Best of 25 Years: A Very Dangerous Hunting Trip
• Kayaking The Varied Coast Of Maine

May, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 3
• The Gear Bag: Teardrop Trailers
• The Gear Bag: Point65 Whiskey 16 3L
• The Gear Bag: Triton Artificial Gill
• Best of 25 Years: Wind and Tide At Knubble Bay
• Trip: Lewis and Clark Plus 200: Missouri River
• Book Review: A Pocketful of Names
• Technique: Carrying a Sea Kayak Alone
• Access: The Hackensack River, N.J.

June, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 4
• What Now? A Tribute to Vaughan Smith
• Interview: Kevin Beckwith of Rock, Paddle, Surf, Salem, Mass.
• Kids' Kayaking Camps
• Best of 25 Years: Elba - Paddling Italian Style
• Trip: Paddling Paradise - Oru Visits Virgin Gorda
• Book Review: Cold Blood Hot Sea
• Technique: Swim with Your Kayak

July/August, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 5
• Symposium: Canoecopia
• Best of 25 Years: Maryland's Eastern Shore
• Technique: Teaching a "Skills Primer"
• Technique: Reviewing Fundamental Skills
• Trips: Following Nessmuk
• Nature: See The Chesapeake Birdies
• Book Review: Maine Island Trail Assc. 2016 Guide
• Access: Paddle the Pemi

September, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 6
• Race Report: Blackburn Challenge - Northern Hospitality
• Race Report: Blackburn Challenge Results
• The Gear Bag: Show Us Your Legs, Mate: Shorts For Paddling
• The Gear Bag: MTI PFDiva
• The Gear Bag: Aqua-Bound BilgeMaster Pump
• The Gear Bag: NRS Basic Touring Safety Kit
• The Gear Bag: SeaToSummit Lightweight Dry Bags
• Gear Review: MOTIONIZE - First On-Board Paddle Coach
• On Historic Tides: A Paddler's Retrospective
• Trips: Paddlequest 1500, Northern Forest and Maine Island Trails
• Safety: Sudden Storms

October, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 7
• Opinion: The Humanistic Side of Paddling
• Trips: Our Alaskan Adventure
• Baltimore/Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School
• Best of 25 Years: Kayak Sailing on Moosehead Lake
• Safety: Ferry Collides With Kayaks in N.Y.C.
• Safety: Big Ships, Little Boats
• Safety: USCG Paddlesport Incident Reports

November/December, 2016 Vol. 25, No. 8
• Trips: Maine's Many Coastal Arms
• Environment: A Song for Cannon Spring, Florida
• Best of 25 Years: Culebra - The Last Virgin
• The Gear Bag: Katadyn BeFree Water Filter
• The Gear Bag: Pakboat Quest 150
• The Gear Bag: SealLine Dry Bags 2017
• The Gear Bag: Taruba Whitewater Drysuit From Mythic Gear
• The Gear Bag: Slacker Hammock and Slacker Hammock Bug Shelter
• Safety: Cold Water Boating
• Book Review: Florida Keys Paddling Atlas
• Race Report: The Great Peconic Race

2017  (Click to return to the top)

April, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 1
• Nigel Dennis Visits New England: Slide Show at Newbury Canoe and Kayak
• Voices of Experience: A Near Miss on the Maine Coast
• Clouds and Kayaking: Foretelling Weather by Observing Cloud Shapes
• The Beaufort Scale
• Warren Island, Maine: An Island Paradise
• To Inspire Others: Traci Lynn Martin Tries for 8,000 Miles in One Year
• When Traditional Becomes A Tradition: 2016 Delmarva Retreat

May, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 2
• Warm Air Masks Coldwater Danger
• Hot Stuff From N. E. Paddle Sports Show
• Swimming In Circles: Book Review
• Ten Summer Paddles: Close to Shore in New England
• Uummannaq, Greeland: A Paddler's Dream
• Technique: "Mermaid's Walk" Launch

June, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 3
• In Memory: Bob Zelley
• Sea Sickness Training: Getting Ready for Rough Seas
• Building a Half-Scale Umiak
• Kayak Fishing: Stripers Soon Now
• Paddling Maine's Bold Coast to New Brunswick
• Technique: Wet Re-entry with Eskimo Bow Assist
• What Do You Wear on Your PFD?: Guides Give Their Advice

July, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 4
• Kayak Fishing: A Good Day On The Water
• Run Of The Charles 2017
• Nanuq Kayaks: A New Source For Quality Gear
• Fishing Technique: Why Knot Go Fishing?
• Time And Tide Wait For No Man - Or Woman: 2017 Essex River Race
• Safety Gear That's Always With Me

August, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 5
• Kayak Fishing: Spring Time Flounder
• Protecting Your Mobile Phone
• Crossing Over To A Stellar Surfski
• Maine Is Not The Same As Chicago: A Near Miss Experience
• I Love That (No Longer) Dirty Water: The Charles River and Boston Inner Harbor
• Don't Miss The Great Peconic Race: Paddle Around Shelter Island, N.Y.
• Connecting Folks To The Environment: Kayak Classroom in the Gulf of Maine

September, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 6
• Kayak Fishing For Cod
• This Trip Is For The Birds: Kettle Island, Magnolia, Mass.
• Contoocook River Race
• "Sully": The Value Of Training
• Gamefish Classification For Stripers
• On Shore: A Visit To Provincetown, Mass.
• Chesapeake Paddle-In Campsites
• 2017 Blackburn Challenge
• Priscilla Reinertsen: Canoe Racer

October, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 7
• Woman In Black: Paddling With Freya Hoffmeister
• Economics Of Wild Striped Bass
• Circumnavigation of Frenchman Bay and Mount Desert Island
• Source Of A Mighty River: Paddling the Upper Reaches of the Conn
• Autumn Gales Symposium: Ride the Seventh Wave!

November/December, 2017 Vol. 26, No. 8
• Book Review: The Lost Art of Finding Our Way
• A Paddle In The Adirondacks
• How To Dress For Cold Water Paddling
• Rebuilding Paradise:Recovering From The 2017 Hurricane Season
• Paddling The Roach Ponds: Near Moosehead Lake, Maine
• Building Puisinniaq: A Customized Skin-On-Frame Kayak
• Book Review: Demon Spirit Devil Sea

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